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We are passionate about bringing your vision to life, brilliantly, on all platforms.

Cross-Platform apps built by expert advisors using Flutter.

DevAngels is more than a dev-team-for-hire: we're here to partner directly with your business, so that you don't need to make permanent hires for CTO and software engineering - instead, let us be your CTO-as-a-service!

Project Management
Product Strategy

Our Core Team

Simon Lightfoot
"the Flutter Whisperer"

Almost like magic, he's never met a problem he can't solve in code. You dream it, he builds it.

Mark O'Sullivan
"Full Stack & Full of Wit"

When he's not cracking jokes, Mark is building cross-platform apps. And also cracking jokes.

Ikkesh Pack
"the Completionist"

He just can't help himself, it's not perfect until it's perfect. Your code is in good hands.

Daniel Lambert
Managing Director

Every team needs a fearless leader - he sets everyone up for success.

Justine Nugent
Product & Growth Lead

Where there's a goal, she's nearby, ensuring its achievement.

Dean Martin
UI/UX App Designer

If it has a screen, he designs for it. Pixel perfect, every time.

Bringing apps to life for 6 years and counting.

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