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In a “post-truth” world, thoughtful, intelligent, well-researched analysis has never been more necessary. And at TheArticle, we provide it. TheArticle aims to help you make sense of the news through free access to exchanges of ideas, rather than echo chambers of prejudice.

Using Flutter to democratize access to critical analysis

We worked with TheArticle to develop a new platform for well-researched, thoughtful analysis of ideas, sans echo chambers.

TheArticle turned to us to create a new type of news platform, where people can engage critically with well-researched content instead of becoming trapped in ideological bubbles. In order to reach a global audience using a wide range of devices, we built TheArticle using Flutter.

Expert Development

TheArticle came to DevAngels in part due to our prior experience building news platform applications as a sub-contractor. We brought with us lessons learned from building apps for top media companies, in order to create something sleek, innovative, and enjoyable to use. After all, democratizing access to good information doesn't help if users don't enjoy their experience!

Ethical Features

A cornerstone of TheArticle's mission is to ensure everything they built is based on "trust, truth, and transparency." These are our values too, so in making product feature decisions, ethics were at the forefront of everyone's mind. You'll find no dark user patterns here!

Serving Creators

While TheArticle's main focus is on serving content to individuals, their contributing creators are the people who make that content possible. We built a sleek and powerful content management system for TheArticle, to ensure their creators have a great experience working with the platform.

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