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What We Develop

Full-cycle cross-platform apps,
realizing dreams for companies of all sizes.

Collaboration apps

Scheduling apps

Event coordination platforms

Mobile ordering apps

Audio-Visual streaming apps

FinTech apps

Logistics management apps

Access management apps

Remote device management apps

Large enterprise mobile platform apps

Our process

From ideation to iteration,
we've got you covered.

1. Strategy

Every success starts with a plan - before building your app we conduct a structured discovery process in order to uncover your goals and potential product-market fit, before translating these into technical specifications for your app.

2. Design

With Flutter, Design and Development are deeply linked. In collaboration with your in-house designer and/or our design experts, we prepare a pixel-perfect models of each screen of your app's user interface. Then it's time to build your app!

3. Development

We combine the cutting edge of Flutter development best practices with Agile methodologies and robust Product and Project Management. This enables DevAngels to innovate, enhance, and deliver your app with brilliant efficiency.

4. Testing

In collaboration with you, we perform extensive testing to ensure the performance of every app meets design requirements, security standards, and meets user experience goals, supporting a bug-free launch.

5. Launch

Getting to launch is a big deal, and launches are only successful when they're properly supported. We're with you every step of the way, providing documentation for investors and helping you plan user releases.

6. Support

At DevAngels, enabling your long-term success is our mission. To that end, we support your ongoing efforts with product iteration and maintenance, permitting your continuous growth and improvement.

Our Services

Build your app once and deploy it everywhere.

App Maintenance

Support for every iteration over your app's lifetime

Ensuring your product stays up-to-date

Create competitive advantage by expanding app features

Handle support requests requiring changes to the codebase

Make changes as requested, enabling A/B and other feature testing

Address changing Android and iOS requirements over time

Constantly update to best practices for design and security

Flutter Advisory

Expert advice supporting your existing app

Don't phone a friend, call in DevAngels

Direct access to Simon 'the Flutter Whisperer' Lightfoot

Guidance for your team and your business on best paths forward

Strongly opinionated development support from the DevAngels team

Strategic product lifecycle and program management advice

Team training in Flutter available

Flutter Starting Point

Develop your app faster with our scalable, strongly opinionated feature set

Our scalable head start to creating an app with Flutter

Flutter Technical Architecture ready for you to use as scaffolding to build an excellent app

App Style Guide with strong opinions, accelerating your time to launch

UI Framework empowering you to code designs quickly

Firebase back-end setup for incorporating database logic

Checklist for successful app store listing

Commercial Scale App

A high-complexity commercial scale app

Greater complexity, greater opportunity

Cross-platform app serving Android and iOS with 1 codebase

Sleek and compliant front-end design across all areas of app

Back-end logic and analytics support complex features

Content Management System (CMS) for easy updates

Payments functionality

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Core functionality for early app adopters

Launch your app idea fast

Everything in our Flutter Starting Point, plus:

Done-for-you front end design implementation

Back-end-logic setup

Product strategy guidance

Launch support

Frequently Asked

What in the world is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework released by Google in 2017. Technically speaking, Flutter is a free, open-source mobile UI framework. Flutter is most easily explained by what it allows you to do - aka, create a native mobile app with a single codebase supporting both iOS and Android.

How long does it take to build an app?

It depends. Just like making a meal, app development time largely varies based on complexity. 3-6 months is the average for commercial scale apps we work on.

What does 'cross-platform' mean?

Cross-Platform means having a single codebase that can be deployed to Android and iOS devices - as opposed to having individual 'platform native' codebases for Android and iOS. Having a single codebase allows for more efficiency and a larger initial user-base!

How much should I expect to spend?

It depends! We offer a variety of services designed to align with various business stages and business goals. On average, your cross-platform app will cost between £40,000.00 and £250,000.00 to develop.

How do you support business goals?

Our passion at DevAngels is empowering businesses to reach their dreams - that's why we match our expert developers with brilliant business support to ensure you have everything you need to succeed! Apps are more than just apps to us - they're long term, strategic product development efforts.

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