A deep dive into your existing application providing you with extremely valuable insight.

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It’s pretty straightforward…

When you invest a lot of money into an idea, you want a return for your investment.

Many companies out there are still new to Flutter and although having provided you with the services that got you to where you are at, things just aren't right, and you know it. That's where we come in.

Angels Analysis is an extremely useful tool provided by DevAngels to dive deep into your application and discover the reasons why things aren't running smoothly.

We check everything. From documents to security, repository setup to code structure and quality. Ev-ery-thing!

When you need to maximise your ROI, our Flutter whisperers are here to ensure best practices are met and get you the best bang for your buck.

Code Quality
Documentation Quality
Security Management
CI/CD Processes
UI/UX Best Practices

How does it work?


Initial Meeting and Introductions

In order to create any strategy, you need to start at the beginning. This part of the process is for you to get a feel for our team, and to ensure we align with your purpose. Then it's really just a matter of explaining what you think the problem is and enabling our team to take the reigns for you.


Deep Dive

Depending on the complexity, timelines will vary. This is where our expert engineers get into their element, exploring the deepest parts of your application in the best ways they know how. We then compile everything into a readable report in order to highlight any problematic areas that are traced.


Plan Of Action

Time to re-engage with a Plan of Action. We use this opportunity to tell you what we think your best options are and how best to approach them.
Essentially walking you through all of the problematic areas discovered from the deep dive.


Decision Time

As experts in Flutter we would always suggest coming to us to fix and repair the things compiled in the report. This is because it ensures our guarantee that you will get a beautifully engineered product with a great after care service that you can rely on.

Let's begin maximising the longevity of your app