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Which solution to go for? MVP or Full Scale?

Check out our explanations below to help guide your decision...


"MVP stands for minimum viable product"

Think of a DevAngels MVP like a stock Lamborghini being driven off the forecourt. It doesn't have the leather interior you want, nor does it have the carbon fibre tail or wing mirrors.
It looks amazing, but you're happy to drive this beautiful exotic car around, until you can find funding for modifications and the order you want them added.

We use various internal processes when guiding you on how your MVP should look, behave and perform, while helping you understand that your application can always be modified after market.

Full Scale Build

"The commercially viable option"

If you want all of those modifications on your Lamborghini before it leaves the forecourt, bells, whistles and all and you want to flaunt it to the world that's watching and waiting, then this is the option for you.

DevAngels takes everything into consideration and plans everything alongside all clients and stakeholders while ensuring that delivery timelines are met. This allows you to build the buzz for your product and turn some heads when hit launch day.



During this process our team begins what we've coined as our discovery process, which allows us to dive into your ideas and collaborate with you in a workshop format to drill out the specifications for purpose for things like architecture, wire-framing, UI/UX and much more.


Initial Releases

Our expert digital Project Management team ensure that your project stays on track and to manage your expectations, we understand that you need regular updates and reassurances that milestones are being met.
If you have any questions, our PM's can answer it.


Core Development

As development unfolds, you will begin to see more and more moving parts to your application. This means you have the ability to test it end-to-end as each stable build is released, giving you the freedom to demo to investors or stakeholders internally.


Stickler for Detail

Although we're pretty good at capturing bugs, there is always the odd bug that can slip through the net! We put aside time at the end of each project to clear up everything, so that you receive an app that is ready for launch! Need a hand with store listing? We can help with that too!

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