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Which solution to go for? MVP or Full Scale?

Check out our explanations below to help guide your decision...


"MVP stands for minimum viable product"

Imagine a DevAngels MVP as a pristine, off-the-lot Lamborghini.

While it might not yet feature the bespoke leather or carbon fibre accents you envision, it's undeniably a head-turner.

Relish in its initial brilliance, knowing customisation awaits with the right funding.

Our seasoned approach guides you through MVP design, functionality, and performance, emphasizing the flexibility for future refinements.

Full Scale Build

"The commercially viable option"

Now imagine your mobile app a pristine Lamborghini ready to dazzle right from the showroom.

Every advanced feature, sleek interface, and ground-breaking functionality showcased for your users?

DevAngels meticulously collaborates with clients, ensuring each specification is met with precision.

We integrate the latest technologies and design principles, so it's not just another app—it's an experience.

Harness the anticipation and make a grand entrance in the app world, turning heads and setting standards.



In our unique 'discovery process', our expert team delves deeply into your vision. Through interactive workshops, we collaboratively refine crucial elements such as architecture, wireframing, and UI/UX design. Our approach ensures your ideas are meticulously transformed into actionable specifications.


Initial Releases

Rely on our top-tier digital Project Management specialists to guarantee the seamless progression of your venture. Recognizing the importance of transparency, we place emphasis on consistent updates and milestone confirmations. For any queries, trust our dedicated PMs to provide insightful answers


Core Development

As the development journey progresses, the intricate facets of your application come to life. This progression grants you the advantage of comprehensive testing with each robust release. It empowers you to confidently showcase the evolving app to investors and internal stakeholders.


Stickler for Detail

While our expertise ensures meticulous bug detection, the occasional oversight is inevitable. We allocate dedicated time post-development to perfect every detail, ensuring you receive a launch-ready app. Need assistance with store listing? Count on us for support.

Let's begin maximising the longevity of your app