October 5, 2023

Case Study: DevAngels Enhances the Fountain Podcast Experience

Project Overview:

  • Client: Fountain - The Podcast App with Cryptocurrency Rewards
  • Duration: OCT 2021 - Ongoing
  • Industry: Audio Streaming & Cryptocurrency Rewards
  • Scope: BackEnd Development

About Fountain:

‍Fountain is not just another podcast app; it's a revolution in audio streaming, merging the world of podcasts with cryptocurrency. Listeners not only enjoy their favorite episodes but also earn cryptocurrency rewards, specifically "sats," which can be stored securely in their in-app wallets.

‍Challenge Faced:Our esteemed client, Fountain, envisioned an enhanced podcast streaming application that provided users with seamless audio controls, not just within the app but also outside its interface. The features requested included play, pause, audio positioning, speed adjustments, background play, lockscreen controls, headset integration, and compatibility with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto.

DevAngels' Solution:Drawing inspiration from the React Community's innovative approach to background audio, DevAngels curated a custom Flutter plugin tailored for Fountain. Our expertise in back-end development led to the creation of a native plugin compatible with both iOS and Android. One of the key focuses was ensuring uninterrupted podcast playback even when users multitasked on their devices. Additionally, we empowered Fountain with integrations for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, enhancing user accessibility.

Outcome:Through our collaboration with Fountain, we merged our technical prowess with their vision, resulting in an app that extends beyond traditional boundaries. With Flutter's robust framework, the Fountain app promises ease of maintenance and enduring performance.

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