October 5, 2023

About Toolstation:

Nestled in the UK’s thriving building and construction sector, Toolstation epitomizes quality and reliability. As one of the predominant tools and building material suppliers, it effortlessly serves an expansive clientele, ranging from professional trade enterprises to avid DIY enthusiasts.


  • Engagement Period:
  • Commencement: March 2021
  • Duration: To be determined
  • Industry Niche: Building and Construction
  • Platform Specialization: Mobile – Cross-Platform
  • Engagement Focus: Mobile Application Development

Technical Brief:

  • Development Framework: Flutter
  • Key Technical Lead: Simon Lightfoot

Toolstation Mobile App: A Testament to Strategic Innovation and Customer Centricity

Objective Setting:

With the digital transformation wave reshaping industries, Toolstation, in its visionary leadership approach, recognized the need for enhanced digital accessibility for its customers. The envisioned cross-platform mobile application was not just about account access; it was about redefining customer interaction and engagement.

Crafting a Solution:

In collaboration with DevAngels, we embarked on an exploratory phase to unravel the intrinsic needs and aspirations of the Toolstation customer base. This deep dive ensured that every feature integrated into the application was resonant with customer expectations and business objectives.

Synchronous testing routines between Toolstation and DevAngels epitomized transparency. It facilitated iterative feedback, ensuring the product's evolution aligned with its vision. This robust collaboration and dynamic testing environment fortified our mutual confidence, ensuring the delivery of an application of unmatched quality.

Conclusion & Impact:

Through strategic collaboration and unwavering commitment to excellence, DevAngels and Toolstation have unveiled a mobile application that is a beacon of user-centricity. This application now stands available on the world's two largest app distribution platforms: Apple's App Store and Google's PlayStore.

Engage with Toolstation:

Closing Thoughts:

This joint venture between Toolstation and DevAngels stands as a testament to the power of visionary leadership, collaborative synergies, and unrelenting commitment to delivering value to customers.

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Review from Client

In a monumental leap towards digital innovation, UK's leading building supplier, Toolstation, partnered with DevAngels to launch a state-of-the-art mobile application. Designed with a customer-centric approach, this cross-platform app serves both professional trades and DIY enthusiasts. Resulting from a blend of visionary leadership and strategic collaboration, the app is now a beacon of user accessibility, available on both Apple's App Store and Google's PlayStore. Dive into the synergy between Toolstation and DevAngels, where quality meets technological brilliance.

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