Tocan's mission is to make giving fun, flexible and accessible for all.

Creating a new paradigm of UK charitable giving with Flutter

We worked with Toucan to develop their vision for a monthly charitable donation app, making impactful charitable contribution second-nature for the public.

Toucan's MVP is built in Flutter, allowing us to guide them in implementing best practices and creating robust product growth plans, while simultaneously deploying to Android and iOS devices.

Successful Flutter Pilot

Toucan have been able to share the pilot version of their app with potential investors.

Meticulous Planning

When building from scratch, there are many potential engineering obstacles and pitfalls. We guided Toucan every step of the way: assisting them in building robust and scalable analytics and content management systems, and even making sure Toucan's disruptive vision could attain app store approvals.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

With globally distributed stakeholders of a variety of disciplines, technical and non-technical, effective virtual collaboration has been a cornerstone of developing Toucan's app. DevAngels goes the extra mile to make sure that all parties are included in the consensus building and feature prioritization process so that no person or idea is left behind.

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