Toucan Giving

June 4, 2023

Toucan Giving

Client Duration:

  • 6 months


  • Charity

Project Type:

  • Full Scale Commercial Application - Front and back end development

Services Provided:

  • Consultation
  • Development

Team Members:

Who Are Toucan/Toucan Giving?

Toucan’s mission is to make giving fun, flexible and accessible to all.

Toucan is revolutionising giving through the use of mobile tech, making monthly charitable donations part of daily life for individuals across the UK.


With their expertise is in Charity and ours in the other areas required, DevAngels was brought in to be Toucan’s “CTO as a service” and “Developer team for hire”rather than making costly internal hires for these roles. With Toucan’s expertise in charity and our expertise based in the other areas required.


Rather than Toucan having to go through the process of hiring an in-house development team, they approached DevAngels as a “Developer team for hire” and “CTO as a service”.


With the help of our team creating and strategizing a robust solution to their problem, DevAngels were able to ensure that the Toucan Giving application allowed the team to open up full throttle and the app built for them. With constant communication and a solid CI/CD processes in place we made sure that delivery timelines were adhered to and were able to deliver to them the additional development of a stable solution that allowed Toucan to demo in front of the Dragons, allowing strategised their application process for them and created a specification document which was shared and approved to move forward for them as a company.

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