Ultimate Rap League

June 2, 2023

Making virtual rap battles reality with Flutter

We worked with Ultimate Rap League to create their virtual rap battle platform, including interactive community features for real-time voting and engagement.

Ultimate Rap League turned to us to build their vision with Flutter, allowing their platform to reach a global audience using all manner of iOS, Android, and Desktop devices, so that everyone can join the Ultimate Rap League community and get in on the action.

Effective Platform Launch

Ultimate Rap League came to us with innovative technical ideas. Using Flutter as a platform for facilitating access, we were able to successfully create the platform that makes virtual rap battles work, including video streaming, live community reactions, and replays - available on all devices.

Precise Design

When optimizing for community engagement, every design item must be scrutinized and prioritized before implementation. We supported Ultimate Rap League in streamlining their design choices so that their app would be both highly technically performant and highly engaging for their community.

Iterative Support

As Ultimate Rap League has grown, so has DevAngels' role as a supportive technical resource. Especially with consumer-facing apps, iterative development is a necessity to maintain market positioning and competitive advantage. We make room for all of our clients to ensure that ongoing maintenance, change requests, and new elements can be incorporated as your app grows.

Ultimate Rap League (urltv.tv)

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