June 4, 2023

Verasana Learning Management System: A Visionary Approach to Corporate Education


In the cutting-edge business landscape, continuous learning and development form the backbone of competitive advantage. Addressing this paramount need, the Verasana Learning Management System stands as a testament to the fusion of education and sophisticated technology.

Project Overview:

  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Industry: Corporate Education and Development
  • Engagement Type: Backend Development and Database Infrastructure Overhaul
  • Key Services Provided by DevAngels:
  • Server-Side API Development
  • Advanced Database Architecture
  • Comprehensive Database Migration Tools

Technical Arsenal:

  • Languages: Flutter, Dart
  • Tools:
  • Melos: Streamlining mono-repo management
  • Terraform: Pioneering infrastructure-as-code for scalable and reproducible cloud environments
  • Mux: Curating self-optimising video content across a plethora of devices
  • Widgetbook: Ensuring app widget coherence and optimisation
  • Flutter Gherkin: Championing software testing for impeccable user experiences

Core Team:

  • Carl Coleman: Principal Backend Architect
  • Nicholas Llewellyn: Lead Flutter Engineer
  • Mark O'Sullivan: API Integration Specialist

The Vision of Verasana:

Hailing from Ohio and having launched in the illustrious year of 2020, Verasana has one aim: To equip leaders, managers, and stakeholders with a robust learning management platform, thereby driving productivity, ensuring compliance, and fostering growth.

Presenting Challenges:

At the heart of Verasana’s transformative journey was a desire for scalability and adaptability. The initial system was entrenched in Firestore and Javascript – limiting its strategic potential. The challenge was not just technical migration but ensuring that the migrated system augmented Verasana's intrinsic value proposition.

Given the pre-existing frontend development, the onus was on integrating this seamlessly with a newly architected backend, ensuring flawless functionality for profiles ranging from Managers to Learners.

Our Solutions:

DevAngels, employing its vast experience, orchestrated a meticulous migration from Firestore to PostGres SQL, augmenting the system’s inherent flexibility. Such a move not only fortified the application's performance but also cemented its future scalability.

Recognising the pivotal role of multimedia in modern learning, we integrated Mux. This ensured that learners could generate content without being bogged down by device compatibility issues.

Furthermore, Firebase Authentication was leveraged to ensure impeccable security standards, safeguarding user data and content. Meanwhile, the introduction of Terraform streamlined deployment processes, making sure the application remains agile and is always ahead of the curve.

The Outcome:

The result is a transformed, dynamic Learning Management System, capable of delivering unparalleled user experiences and catering to the diverse needs of the modern corporate world.

Connect with Verasana:

Concluding Note:

The collaboration between Verasana and DevAngels serves as a paradigm of how visionary leadership and technical prowess can jointly cultivate industry-leading solutions. This venture is not merely about software development; it's about crafting the future of corporate education.

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